Algana Connections

Taliesin Heir

Taliesin Heir


Susan Bartholomew

When her friend is killed, Laura needs to take action. Leaving her family behind, she travels to London to track down the killers. Not long after, three demons secretly enter the city. A monster is glimpsed lurking in the river Thames. In the midst of conflicting loyalties, Laura must keep her magic sword safe from demons and traitors, and save their victims when they call on her for help. Will the faery Melusine keep the bargain she has made? And how can his prophecy come true, when all the experts of the College agree there is no magic left in his wand? This is the third book in the Swords of Elyx series, following The Lake of Destiny and The World Below.


Price: £8.00

Shipping: £3.00

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